G.A.C.   "That bunch of runners in Topsfield"

Race Results

Fat Ass 50K Race - 9th annual
Saturday January 6, 2007
Held at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass.

The 9th annual GAC Fat Ass 50 is in the books. With a record crowd (110 starters) and a record high temperature of 72 degrees who could ask for more. The course has grown to a 10K loop and by all accounts the runners loved it. A special shout out to all the new runners that made this run there first ultra - welcome to the club!. As always special thanks to family, friends and members of the GAC for there help in making this the best FA 50 ever. A very special thank you to all the runners who came and ran for without you there is no GAC FA 50. See you all on Mothers Day.

  Complete Results for all finishers
 50 KM finishers
Kevin Sullivan               3:41
Hunter Bennett               4:07
Ron Farkash                  4:26
James Duade                  4:34
Stephanie Crawford           4:36 
Genevieve Richardson         4:37
Laura Bleakley               4:43
Jason Coplas                 4:56
Penny Matel                  4:59
Lisa Peters                  4:59
Peter Beauregard             4:59
Norm Sheppard                5:01
Carrie Lombardo              5:01
Sinthy Kounlasa              5:20
Kevin Rainey                 5:24
Dan Champagne                5:26
John O'Connor                5:29
Chris Wie                    5:30
Gary Goodman                 5:45
Paula Finestone              5:54
Cheryl Mulvey                5:54
Cathy (Kitty) O'Connell      5:54
Joe Hayes                    5:57
Mike Bouscaren               6:05
Christine Wenzel             6:18
Karl Gieb                    7:28


Jason Patch                  4:04
Bob (Snickers) Crowley       4:04
Dan Wagner                   4:09
Andrea McCusker              4:32
Bob Dunfey                   5:05
Randy Witlicki               5:06
Melanie Kalafatis            5:14
Steve Gould                  5:24
Marie Leigh                  5:29
Richard Busa                 5:36
Barry Ostrow                 6:09

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