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Race Results

Fat Ass 50K Race - 10th annual
Saturday January 5, 2008
Held at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass.

The GAC Fat Ass 50 #10 is in the history books. The course covered with snow, ice, occasional water jumps and balmy temperatures reaching the mid 30's was much to the delight of all those who ran. A big thank you to all the runners who make this race possible and special because they come to run and have fun. A bigger thank you to everyone especially Roger, Mark and Gilly who give of their time and resources to make my job as the RD an easy one. In spite of "Mother Nature's" best efforts to humble all those who ran, this year's Fat Ass produced a record number of finishers.

See you all on Mother's Day, 2008.

Complete Results for 50 KM finishers
January 5th, 2008

Kevin Sullivan                            4:13
Paul Young                                4:38
Dima Feinhaus                             4:39
Karen Ringheiser                          5:10
Dan Beaudet                               5:11
Tom Page                                  5:14
Ron Farkash                               5:14
Katie Cabral                              5:17
Jim Frenette                              5:17
Kevin Mullen                              5:21
Giant (Ian) Parlin                        5:24
Jamie Anderson                            5:24
Carrie Lombardo                           5:45
Ed Mulvey 1st GAC                         5:54
Jen Tougas                                5:55
Rob Martin                                5:55
Dot Helling                               5:58
Mark Sheeran                              5:59
Kenny Rogers                              5:59
Paula Finestone                           6:08
Cheryl Mulvey                             6:08
Roy VanBuren                              6:09
Lisa Peters                               6:15
Penny Matel                               6:35
Mark Weidman                              6:35
Curt Lintvedt                             6:38
Karl Geib                                 6:53

A special shout out to "The Wash" who made the starting line

Roger Martell   RD


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