G.A.C.   "That bunch of runners in Topsfield"

Race Results

Fat Ass 50K Race - 11th annual
Saturday January 10, 2009
Held at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass.

A mixture of glazed over snow, ice and a temperature that never exceeded 28 greeted the 80+ runners for today's run. Credit the runners for a good job of dealing with "Mother Nature" and posting a lot of 50K finishes with quality times. As always thanks to the runners for running and all those who helped to make this year's FAT ASS special.

See you all on Mother's Day, 2009.

Complete Results for 50 KM finishers
Kevin Sullivan                   4:03:30
Paul Young                       4:22
Daniel Larson                    4:36
Jim Frenette                     4:59:59
Bob Crowley                      5:08
Jim Pugh                         5:10
Chris Wilkens                    5:12
Dima Feinhaus                    5:15
Carol O'Hear	                 5:17	
Jeff Lane                        5:30
Kim Battipagila                  5:36
Kevin Mullen                     5:37
Greg Esbitt                      5:40
Bob Dunfey                       5:43
John O'Connor                    5:43
Curtis Lintvedt                  6:01
Charlie Nelson                   6:03
Vincent Lindsley                 6:06
Roy VanBuren                     6:17
Gary Goodman                     6:42
Shane Skowron                    6:45
Karl Geib                        7:08	
Marathon Finishers
Ryan Prentiss                    4:46
Stephen Peckiconis               4:55
Penny Matel                      5:39
Mark Weidman                     5:39	
Roger Martell RD

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