G.A.C.   "That bunch of runners in Topsfield"

Race Results

Fat Ass 50K Race - 12th annual
Saturday January 9, 2010
Held at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass.

Sun, snow, ice and a 20 degree temperature greeted the 100 runners for the start of the 12th annual GAC Fat Ass 50K. Conditions quickly turned to what was best described as running in soft sand or not so good, but to their credit 18 finished the 50K and 7 finished went marathon distance. As always thanks to the runners thar ran and all the volunteers who make the day special. Thanks Roger

Complete Results for 50 KM finishers
Justin Kousky		4:59:00
Rowly Brucken		5:05:00
Brian Overton		5:05:00
Nate Sanel		5:29:00
Chris Cappelini		5:32:00
Jeff List		5:45:00
Chris Martin		5:50:00
Ron Farkash		5:54:00
Blaise Aquirre		6:06:00
Dag Holmboe		6:13:00
George Alexion		6:14:00
Jeff Lane		6:21:00
Greg Esbitt		6:22:00
Scott Maney		6:23:00
Kevin Mullen		7:07:00
Roy Van Buren		7:10:00
Pat Canonica		7:30:00
Amy Dalton		9:18:00
Marathon Finishers
Ian Parlin		4:45:00
Nate Hallowell		5:12:00
Jim Frenette		5:24:00
Sheryl Coye		5:25:00
Curtis Lintvedt		5:41:00
Kevin Claire		6:21:00
Joe Hayes		6:26:00

Roger Martell RD

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